The following are the basic operational problems most companies face when they are dealing with multiple suppliers or service providers:

Lack of collaboration with the vendors.

Lack of visibility on vendor material in transit.

Lot of unproductive time spent on follow up activities

Ineffective response to changes in market.

Inability to align plan, supply schedules accordingly.

Dealing with incorrect deliveries from vendors.

EIMS Supplier Hub Solution is designed to help organizations engage with their supply chain in real time, enabling significant improvement in operational efficiency and reduced working capital.

The solution integrates seamlessly with SAP ECC System. The Portal provides an easy to use web interface for suppliers to access information such as open orders, account balances and to submit information including Drawings, Advance shipping notifications, acknowledgements etc. These communications are sent directly to and from SAP system thus allowing for rapid interaction between organization and their suppliers/vendors. Portal provides relevant information and role based access to vendors.

The Supplier Hub provides a single web interface for your suppliers to log-in. It acts as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all supplier needs, where each supplier has a tailored view of specific data relevant to him. This controlled view provides easy access for suppliers while ensuring adequate data security.

Supplier Portal Architecture – :

Business Scenarios – Supplier Hub:

Various business scenarios are configurable in portal for organization to collaborate with suppliers. Few of the business cases are outlined below:


  • Vendor will be able to see the RFQs.
  • Vendor will be able to submit quotation
  • Vendor will be able to view the Purchase Order details and remarks
  • Vendor will be able to Accept the Purchase Order or ask for further clarifications
  • Clarifications / Remarks in PO to collaborate with Supplier
  • Buyer will be able to view the status of the PO, whether accepted by Vendor or not.


  • ASN Creation. Vendor can share the Shipping Details
  • Invoice creation – Vendor will be able to share the invoice details and also upload the soft copy of the invoice
  • Buyer can view the Advance Shipment Notification in the portal.
  • Inbound Delivery will flow from ASN.
  • Vendor will be able to see the GRNs


  • Both the Vendor and Buyer can see Open Accounts Payables.
  • Payment status tracking by PO number

Common Features

  • Role based secure access
  • Print, Sort, Filter on lists
  • Excel Download for reports
  • Update own data
  • Vendor Rating

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