EIMS Smart Factory Solutions has been developed specifically to help industries overcome challenges of managing the ever increasing levels of complexity that a shop floor throws up. Smart Factory solutions provide real-time operational awareness, flexible control and data-driven insights that enable smarter decisions for optimal process execution. Smart Factory/IoT provides both online and offline applications to enhance your manufacturing process. It supports your workforce in their day-to-day roles by providing real-time manufacturing intelligence and control, pinpointing opportunities to improve efficiency and boost productivity. The smart factory solutions or manufacturing hub solutions are developed for all manufacturing sectors. These solutions enable you to

Track production in real time and update the data to ERP

Automatic order confirmation and maintenance notification

Calculate the accurate product cost using KPIs than cost apportionment

Proactive monitoring and alerts for remote assets

The solution acts as a hub to improve the performance of an organisation in multiple areas by integrating the shop floor with the ERP system and providing bidirectional visibility and insight for actionable intelligence Manufacture Hub. This solution offering is an end to end solution to any organization to increase productivity, ensure accuracy and reduce wastage by identifying the key issues in the production process. The production data from the factory are captured in real time and fed to the SAP system. Factory insights are provided in multiple levels to take any business decision.

Provides automatic production order allocation to operator and production order confirmation to SAP.

Tracks and captures the production data pertaining to any production order as it happens on the shop floor and provides insight through order status dashboards in the factory, supervisor and management levels.

Enables to calculate the accurate cost of production than cost apportionments by capturing various metrics such as energy consumed, man hours and machine hours.

Captures various reasons for non-productive hours in real time and provides machine utilization and efficiency to uncover the factory hidden capacity


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