SCH Supplier

The SCH Supplier Solution is a web-based vendor management solution that integrates seamlessly with SAP ECC System and helps you to gain real-time knowledge about the supply chain. It allows an easy to use web interface for suppliers to access information such as open orders, account balances and to submit information including Drawings, Advance shipping Notifications, acknowledgements etc.

  • Direct communication to and from SAP system allowing for rapid interaction between organisations and their suppliers.
  • Provides relevant information and role based access to suppliers.
  • Dispatch and update PO & RFx;
  • Delivery Schedule visibility
  • Payment and Invoice Status
  • Single window for communication to vendors

Benefits of the solution include:

  • Helping organizations engage with their supply chain in real time by significantly improvising the operations and reducing working capital
  • Dissemination of secure and authorized data
  • Easy vendor on-boarding
  • Single window for communication with vendors
  • Constant notification via Email or SMS
  • Providing updates about every stage of procurement from suppler side
  • Online tracking of shipment status

SCH Suppier or Vendor Portal

The SCH Supplier or Vendor Portal provides a single web interface for your suppliers to log-in and view open orders and balances as well as to submit information to you such as electronic invoices, delivery notifications, acknowledgements and more. These communications are sent directly to and from your SAP system thus allowing rapid interaction between you and your vendors.

SCH Supplier or Vendor Portal allows companies and its vendors to share specific management information for mutual benefit, using low-cost Internet technology. Vendor Portal is a one-stop-shop for all supplier needs, where in each vendor has a tailored view of its data. It allows access to only the specific information the company wants vendors to see. This controlled view provides access for suppliers and security for companies. It is seamlessly integrated with the SAP system.


The SCH Supplier/Vendor Portal comprises the following components:

  • Purchase Coordination
  • Purchase Orders and Delivery Schedules
  • Order Acknowledgements
  • Advanced Shipment Notification
  • Invoice and Payments
  • Handling of rejected materials




Vendor Portal Capabilities

  • View Purchase Orders (All Types)
  • Schedule Vs Supply report
  • Post Advance Shipping Note and View status
  • Post Invoice
  • Goods and Services Receipt Information
  • Vendor Account Information
  • Details of the Debit Notes Stock status: Displays the stock status based on plant and date range
  • Ability to control what vendors see

Reporting Capabilities

  • Purchase
  • Open POs and Delivery Schedules
  • Delivery confirmations pending
  • Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASN)
  • Pending Goods Receipt against open ASN
  • Goods Receipt
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Schedule v/s Supply
  • Accounts
  • Payment Details
  • Warranty Debit Notes
  • Circulars


  • Immediate transfer of PO and Delivery Schedules to supplier allowing for a more agile supply chain and reduction in lead times
  • Instant receipt of order status allowing better planning
  • Reduction in transaction processing time during goods receipt
  • Reduction in goods receipt errors due to real-time collaboration
  • Elimination of costs associated with transfer of physical documents such as PO, Release Schedules
  • Automate and speed up operational and financial  processes.
  • On line Payment Status reduces the volume of supplier phone calls into AP asking  about payment status by providing them with on line status look-up.

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