SCH Fashion

SCH Fashion :

EIM’s in-depth understanding of the Fashion industry and the retail store-chain operations coupled with their expertise in SAP technology, they have successfully developed and implemented solutions that address all the challenges in operational processes from - Marketing to Merchandising

SAP solutions specially designed for fashion companies streamline operations and boost revenue and margins while exceeding consumer expectations through:

  • Shorter cycles to support multiple seasons
  • Optimized supply and demand match and increased inventory turnover
  • Reduced wholesale chargebacks
  • Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased revenue and profitability across channels

EIM Solutions have designed and developed a unique  application addressing the needs of the Fashion manufacturing segment .  This solution is built on SAP E-business platform.

This solution seeks to integrate Sales order planning with the shop floor production process thus enabling:

  1. On-time delivery of products to the customers
  2. Real-time tracking and monitoring of the order progress across multiple factories
  3. Identifying the bottlenecks like lack of material/machine/man power/planning
  4. Enable calculation of the actual operation cost
  5. Optimise Manpower resources
  6. Automated capture and updation of shop floor records into ERP
  7. Increase in productivity

 Salient feature

  • Sales Order planning
  • Line production Dash board - Matrices, Key Performance Indicators, Exceptions, alerts would get generated automatically and displayed
  • Time to produce - Enable to calculate the time to produce single garment, with given SMV and total order quantity
  • Benchmarking for Garment Industrial engineering



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